Welcome to the 21st century’s cellar – The ultimate wine partner

By Mathieu Nidegger, Co-Founder of La Cave Vivante

La Cave Vivante offers a comprehensive and innovative approach to wine cellar management for both private and professional users. Our objective is to offer an automated just-in-time cellar management system that minimizes the financial investment of the user while simplifying the management of his cellar.

To do this, we have developed a mobile application synchronized with an RFID recognition system installed inside the cellar of our customers. The system automatically monitors every entry or exit. No need to keep a wine cellar book, the stock is automatically updated.

Our solution enables our users to know anytime, anywhere the status of their wine stock, to monitor in real their cellar movements while being able to keep an eye on the maturity of their wines.

The just-in-time management system allows our customers to purchase the minimal quantity needed (minimization of the financial investment) per wine and to be automatically or manually refilled when the quantities reach a minimum set up threshold.

In order to offer a fully integrated solution, we provide our customers with a direct access to a tremendous wine list, made ​​possible with the networking of specialized wine brokers and merchants.

Convenient, intuitive and fun La Cave Vivante opens the doors of the 21st century’s cellar.