Efficiency increase by RFID in tool-making and tool-management

By Yilmaz Benzer, Sales Manager Neosid Pemetzrieder GmbH & Co.KG

In tool-making and tool-management it is required to identify each individual component whenever a tool is moved, installed or maintained. Identification is usually enabled by code engraved or printed on a surface or by an attached ID plate. This kind of identification, as well as paper instructions, is prone to mechanical defects and mistakes due to its manual read-out.

A RFID system provides a machine-readable identification of tools and components. With all tool data and instructions stored centrally and interaction with ERP software, the system enhances efficiency and reduces mistakes by relieving workers. It enables automatic documentation and represents the basis for an automated tool-production and –management.

Tool-making and ferrite production are processes in harsh environments. A RFID application first became suitable with the NeoTAG® transponder. The NeoTAG® is easily mounted into a 4mm drill hole in the tool or even the tool-components. By its ability to be operated directly in a metal body the NeoTAG® requires no additional space and is most protected against damage and critical influences.

The system is compatible to hardware of different suppliers and can be installed on existing fabrication machinery. Experiences from the Neosid tool-making and ferrite production will be presented.