At this years conference there will be a number of general presentations including the conferences Keynote sessions.

In the morning, there will be a session “Introduction to RFID in logistics”

The terminal program for the conference is expected to appear on the site AGENDA. So far you will be able to follow the progress on presentations on this site. If you click on the name of the presentations you will be able to read more about the presentation.

Keynote speaker: The RFID Business and the Way Foreward

Keynote speaker: Imagine the ability to track every asset and component across the planet in real time!

Keynote speaker: RFID as a service; Install in 5 minutes. Can it really be that simple?

Keynote speaker: Future use of NFC as identification regarding payments etc.

Keynote speaker: Creating an Integrated and Dynamic Control System Using RFID

RFID at Canoe World Championship

Highlights from RFID Journal Live 2014 in Orlando 

RFID projects in Norway

SmartGarments – the intelligent dressingsystem

RFID and IoT in the Medicare environment

The RFID-Technology’s Potential for Information Flow Between Electronic Producer and Waste Processor – based on the EU WEEE-directive

RFID verifications of reading on Flower Containers

Implementering af RFID-løsninger baseret på smartphones og tablets af FORCE Technology

WiFi temperature measuring at Bispebjerg Hospital

Region Midtjyllands erfaringer og planer med RFID

Herlev hospitals erfaringer fra HAT-projektet

Tag, Track & Trace: Sikker sporing af kirugiske instrumenter

Erfaringer fra Region H.’s uniformsprojekt.

Stedbestemte informationer til medarbejdere i servicejobs 

Positionering effektiviserer kvalitetskontrol og inspektion

Registrering af arbejdsopgave i landbruget

Sådan holder vi styr på værktøjet

Datafangst i katastrofeområder