New Danish RFID case in manufacturing – Hilding Anders

By Michael Holm Pedersen, Production Manager at Hilding Anders Denmark

Hilding Anders has been helping people get a good night’s sleep since 1939;

“We are proud to deliver beds and mattresses for all needs – from the most basic, to the most exclusive; from Scandinavia to Asia.”

Over the last decade, Hilding Anders has acted as a consolidator in the European bedding industry. 14 acquisitions in ten years have made Hilding Anders the undisputed leader in their core geographies: Europe and Asia.

In the continuous improvement of automation and introduction of a new MES solution in Denmark, Hilding Anders realized that an advanced RFID platform was necessary to feed machines and IT-systems with live data. RFID improves the flexibility of the production, automates processes, reduces the risk for potential errors and delivers live data to the management about production flow.